About Us

MANPEI, an informal Japanese drinking establishment that serves food to accompany the drinks, is also a perfect and great casual place to grab a couple drinks after-work with friends and family.


Central Mall

5 Magazine Road Central Mall #01-01 Singapore 059571 Tel:


Mon-Sat 6:00PM-4:00AM (LO. 3:00AM)


Grand Opening for Manpei at Central Mall!
Enjoy their famous ODEN and get 50% off for it!

From Authentic Japanese oden to himono and more, Manpei have huge selections for your liking.

*Valid for 15th - 20th May.

Located at Central Mall, MANPEI specializes in Hokkaido cuisine, including Oden and Himono with reasonable price. Fishes are regularly airlifted directly from Hokkaido, in order to ensure fresh, safe, and quality food to customers.

MANPEI is also great for supper and drinking, providing a wide selection of sake, shochu, liquor, beer, and many more! MANPEI is open till 4am, so bring your friends, grab a beer, and have an enjoyable night at MANPEI! Don't forget to order ODEN or HIMONO: goes well with drinks!

5 Magazine Road Central Mall #01-01 Singapore 059571
Tel: +65 6533 0266
Open Mon-Sat 6:00PM-4:00AM (LO. 3:00AM)