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About Us

Baumkuchen (literally meaning “tree cake”) is a traditional German cake made through a tedious process by a Meister starting from making the fragrant batter based on the authentic Juccheim recipe and painstakingly creating the cake layer by layer on a rotating spit before finally baking it to perfection. Since inception, Juchhiem only uses the very best and freshest ingredients without the use of additives, emulsifiers or baking powder, adhering to Karl and Elise Juchheim’s belief that “What is good for the body tastes good”. Be captivated by our confectionery baked fresh every day at Takashimaya!



391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873 Singapore Takashimaya B2 205 3-1 Tel:


10:00 am-9:30 pm


All of you are excited for the new Bau Bau Bar, the unique lollipop-style baumkuchen. So, now we are giving JPassport members a chance to try!

Taste Juchheim's cakes, freshly baked in-store!

Using the original Juchheim batter recipe without the use of additive, emulsifiers or baking powder, each cake is painstakingly created layer by layer on a rotating spit and finally baked to perfection.

Highly Popular: BAU BAU BAR!

Don't miss our newest, highly popular Bau Bau Bar!

Based on the theme of "Baumkuchen for everybody", Bau Bau Bar is a lollipop-style Baumkuchen coated with chocolate/white chocolate with topping on top, which can be enjoyed from children to adults.

Exclusively for JPassport members, stand a chance to win a COMPLIMENTARY Bau Bau Gift Box! Simply fill in a short, 1-min survey below!

*Lucky 30 winners will be chosen
*Bau Bau Gift Box includes 2 x Chocolate Almond & 1 x White Chocolate Strawberry
*Survey valid from 4th-18th Aug

FEATURED: Zitronen Baumkuchen (Lemon)

This month, taste the tangy, refreshing taste of lemons in our Zitronen Baumkuchen!

Good for sharing with family and friends!

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391 Orchard Road
#B2-05-03 Takashimaya Food Hall

Singapore 238873

Tel: (+65) 6733-1556

Opening Daily : 10am – 9.30pm

The Japanese who tasted his Baumkuchen were blown away by the deliciousness of the cake. Karl and his wife Elise opened a pastry shop and soon it became very popular and spread throughout Japan for more than 100 years today!

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