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Keria Japanese Restaurant Family/Izakaya (65)67330654 5 Koek Road #B1-28 Cuppage Plaza Singapore Somerset Mon - Sat (excld Fri) : 6PM - 1AM next day Fri : 6PM - 3AM next day Sun : 5PM - 10:30PM 1 on J Passport, premium Japanese services and products in Singapore

Keria Japanese Restaurant

Keria Japanese Restaurant

About Us

Typical Japanese Izakaya Restaurant, located at Basement 1, Cuppage Plaza, Singapore



5 Koek Road #B1-28 Cuppage Plaza Singapore Tel:


Mon - Sat (excld Fri) : 6PM - 1AM next day
Fri : 6PM - 3AM next day
Sun : 5PM - 10:30PM


Want to get nice and delicious food during the weekend yet don't want to spend a lot?
Keria Japanese Restaurant has your favourite dons at HALF the price!

Keria offer 1 -or-1 promotion on WEEKENDS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!

*Only for J Passport members - Present coupon when ordering.
*No reservations, Walk in only.
*Available only Sat & Sun & PH.
*Valid with a drink ordered (Soft drink, alcohol...etc).
*Get charged with appetizer.
*Management reserves the right to amend terms and conditions.

Why don't you share tasty Japanese food and joyful moment with your friends, family or colleagues?
Various selections of food to accompany your drinking session!

Keria offers authentic Japanese izakaya experience, perfect for after-work drinks and gatherings with good company!

Meet Ms Hatsuho Seino from Hokkaido! Trained in Japan and came to Singapore. She now has 18 years of experience in Singapore! Ms Hatsuho brings out the bubbly and coziness for an enjoyable meal close to home. :)

Cosy, homey, ryokan (inn-like) with traditional authentic Japanese Izakaya dishes. Personal close interaction with chef to ensure a friendly and great dining experience! Invite your friends or colleagues down to Keria for a relax dinner and drink!

Cuppage Plaza #B1-28
5 Koek Road, Singapore

Mon - Sat (exclude Fri) : 6PM - 1AM next day
Fri : 6PM - 3AM next day
Sun : 5PM - 10.30PM

Tel: (+65) 67330654