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About Us

We bring the essence of Japanese cuisine to Asian dining.
What we deliver is the "story" behind every product.
Across the sea, we connect the makers and the consumers.

Products of BlueTable are carefully selected following the 4 promises:
1. Place of production is Japan with main ingredients "made in Japan" as much as possible
2. A product with a background or place of origin that tells a story
3. Taste that can convince and satisfy those who are unsure about the product.
4. Product with full consideration of food safety and with minimal synthetic coloring and additives.

We deliver products selected based on our own standards to your door step.



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We bring the essence of Japanese cuisine to Asian dining! Across the sea, we connect the makers and the consumers with Fresh Japanese groceries!

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Meat & Seafood

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Slice - $41.60

Sliced Japanese beef approx. 2mm thick for shabu shabu. You can have enough enjoyment of this marbled meat which is special feature of Japanese beef and deliciousness of fat.

Wagyu Beef Yakiniku - $32.20

Sliced Japanese beef approx. 5mm for barbecue. Enjoy the taste of melt-in-your-mouth beef, sweetness of fat and flavor.

Wagyu Beef Kiriotoshi - $18.80

Thin-sliced small pieces of beef that is hard to get in Singapore. Suitable to use for Beef bowl, Beef stew and stir-fry!

Broiled Eel Value Pack - $49.50

Tasty eel from Japan was cut into just the right size to eat. Recommend to grill slightly for it nice aroma of sauce after defrosting.


Rare Mini Catella (Plain) - $6.80

"Nama Castella” in Japanese. Enjoy its fluffy and creamy texture.

Sesame Paste Wheat Dumpling - $15.30

The balance of sesame paste and flavor of walnut is exquisite. Contains sesame paste with walnut and wrapped by veitch's bamboo leaf.


Japanese Peaches x2 - $11.10

The flesh of peach has less fiber and lots of juice. You can enjoy sweet and juicy peaches!

Hokkaido Red Melon - $30.60

Approx. 1.2kg Red Flesh Melon from Hokkaido. Smooth and very juicy. Bright orange flesh is the feature!

Frozen Food

Vegetable Oyaki Dumpling - $28

Contains Shimeji mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms and vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, and extract of bonito and kelp.

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About BlueTable

About BlueTable

BlueTable's standards of taste, quality and safety
Aided by a rich climate of four seasons and fertile soil, the ingredients are grown by sincere Japanese food producers. BlueTable is confident that the food will meet the high standards of taste, quality and safety.

Freshness maintained and delivered to your home
Products ordered from the BlueTable website will be separated into 3 different temperature ranges (refrigerated, frozen, room temperature) to maintain its freshness during delivery.

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Choose between 2 membership types available: “Premium” and “Regular”. Premium members get to enjoy free delivery and a discounted price for all products at $30/month. There is no monthly fee for regular members.

BlueTable offers a whole lot of Fresh Groceries direct from Japan!