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Peace Boat

Peace Boat

About Us

A Peace Boat cruise will definitely take you off the beaten track. As well as visiting established tourist destinations, you can also enjoy unique visits to Central & South America, Africa, Scandinavia, the South Pacific and even... Antarctica!


Peace Boat

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Travel to 25 destinations around the world in a exciting and life-changing cruise by Peace Boat!

Well-known in Japan, Peace Boat has taken more than 50,000 people of all ages and nationalities around the world over the last 30 years.

Back for its 98th Global Cruise, join us in our exciting and life-changing cruise and travel around 25 destinations, featuring the best of Europe, sailing through the Arctic Circle, Latin Americas, and more!

98th Global Cruise Highlights

Best of Europe
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking sceneries and historical buildings of Europe, during the perfect early summer season! Travel from Santorini, Barcelona, Helsinki, and more!

Sail around the Arctic Circle
Enjoy the stunning scenery of cliff faces and snow-tipped mountains from the ship as we sail around the Arctic Circle.

The culture of Caribbean Island
Experience the incredible music and culture of United States of America and Cuba! You'll also get the chance to learn Spanish on board!

Want to know more?

Come and join us for our FREE EVENT at Carlton Hotel on 29th October 2017 and get to know more about Peace Boat!

You can also get Exclusive $150 Voucher!

About Our Cruise

Peace Boat's current ship, the Ocean Dream was built in Denmark and has excellent facilities providing a unique Peace Boat experience.

Highlights include ballrooms, sports deck, swimming pools, and Peace Boat Center: where we host a wide range of exciting activities!

See you at Peace Boat!