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About Us

Established in April 2015, Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG) Singapore Representative Office`s mission is to promote tourism and trade between the two beautiful islands of Singapore and Okinawa. The name "SGOkinawa.Go"was choosen for our Facebook page because "Go" apart from being an action verb, also means "5" in Japanese. It is also our wish that more Singaporeans would GO to Okinawa. This name also commemorates our opening in the year of SG50!



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An Official Project by OKINAWA GOVERNMENT

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In collaboration with Okinawa Prefectural Government, check out interesting info about Okinawa!
And do you know, JetStar has launched direct flights to Okinawa from just $500!

Immerse yourself in the island rich in Culture & Scenery!

Okinawa is Japan's southernmost prefecture, with subtropical climate.
You can enjoy Sakura flower viewing in Okinawa as early as January!

Also, Okinawa have the world's most beautiful sea with coral reefs and marine wildlife. Top activity includes snorkeling and scuba diving!

Okinawa is bustling with events for every season!

Flower viewing starts! Also have a splashing fun time whale watching at the sea of Okinawa!

Summer - Autumn
Summer festival fireworks, boat racing and many more Summer activities in summer! Perfect for surfing and beach lovers!

Experience Christmas and New Year countdown with illuminations and New Year ceremonies!

Check out Okinawa's Official Facebook page!
Additional info on Okinawa's Climate, Dialect and Attractions.