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Shizuoka offers splendid landscapes, from the stunning coastline of Izu to the magnificent Southern Apls mountains and the calm water of Lake Hamana, not to mention Mt. Fuji. Along with its rich cultural and historical heritages and an abundance of hot springs, these make Shizuoka a tourist paradise.





What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?

Shizuoka is also the home of Mt Fuji, Japan’s highest peak! Do you know? Utogi district in Shizuoka is the birthplace of wasabi~ Shizuoka not only produces 80% of the whole wasabi crop in Japan, also it is the best wasabi production prefecture!

Read on to find out where to try and win some wasabi for yourself!


From 20th Feb - 31st Mar 2018, in collaboration with Shizuoka Prefecture, you can try some exclusive Shizuoka wasabi dishes created by some of our participating restaurants and enjoy exclusive promotions*!

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[Tonkichi] Salmon Daisuki with Wasabi Sauce - $27.00
*Valid at Tampiness, ISETAN outlets only.

[Ginza Lion] WasaBeef - $20.00

[Nikku Kappo] Iced Tako Wasabi - $9.90

[Ginza Lion] Ramen Salad with Wasabi & Sesame - $18.00

[Uogashi Sushi] Salmon Temari Sushi Roulette - $5.80
If you get Spicy Temari on the first try, this whole Temari Sushi set is FREE!

[Tonkichi] Aburi Salmon Roll with Wasabi Sauce - $21.00
*Valid at Tampiness, ISETAN outlets only.

[Uogashi Sushi] Salmon Oyako Wasabi Inari - $5.80

[Uogashi Sushi] Salmon Wasabi Roll with Ikura - $17.80

[Tonkichi] French Fries with Wasabi Salt - $5.50
*Valid at Tampiness, ISETAN outlets only.

[Ootoya] Wasabi Ice-cream - $5.80
*Valid from 26th Feb 2018.


Not sure on what can you use wasabi for? Why not check out some recipes for wasabi dishes!


Use wasabi with sashimi, sushi, soba, tea and even steak! Wasabi can be use for every food - even for ice cream, it matches the taste real well!

Check out some recipes for wasabi dishes!

Wasabi also possess various health benefits, including prevent certain cancers!

Shizuoka Prefectural Government Representative Office in Singapore was established in July 1988 and have been actively involved in economic, business and cultural exchanges between Shizuoka Prefecture and the countries in ASEAN and Oceania. Check out our Official website.