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Japan Rail Cafe Cafe/Sweets (65)00000000 Tanjong Pagar Centre Level 1 5 Wallich Street #01-20 Tanjong Pagar Centre Singapore 078883 Tanjong Pagar Cafe - Dine-in, retail, takeout: 11am to 9pm (last order 8pm) Rail pass counter: 11am to 8pm 2 on J Passport, premium Japanese services and products in Singapore

Japan Rail Cafe

Japan Rail Cafe

About Us

The first travel themed café in the world operated by JR East, JAPAN RAIL CAFE sets off from its first station, Singapore. Its aim is to be a “Platform for Real Japan, Platform for Real Communication” where Japan lovers can have a physical space to build a community for sharing their travel experiences and memories. This page is intended for building a closer community among Japan lovers in Singapore, providing updates on the cafe and its promotional activities.


- Dine-in, retail, takeout: 11am to 9pm (last order 8pm)

Rail pass counter: 11am to 8pm


FREE Sparkling Shikuwasa (U.P. $6.50)

Valid: 01/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

This coupon can be redeemed many times.


Are you planning to go to Tokyo and thinking where to go?

You may have heard Tokyo Disneyland but have you been Tokyo DisneySea?

If you haven't, come and join us for an exclusive Tips to enjoy DisneySea  event!

which will allow you to get a fuller experience when you visit.


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 Featuring a different region Every Month!

JAPAN RAIL CAFE is featuring the Hawaii of
Japan - OKINAWA, located at the southernmost tip of the Japan archipelago!

Scroll down to find out this month's special!


This month, we offer the Agu Pork Don to let you have a taste of this exquisite pork. Stir-fried with caramelized onions in yakiniku sauce, slices of Agu pork and regular pork will be topped with a poached onsen egg. Served with Original soup.
Be sure to pair it with our seasonal Okinawan drinks: the hot Purple Sweet Potato Latte or the iced Sparkling Shikuwasa!


Its subtropical climate makes it ideal to cultivate produce  such as the native shikuwasa (flat lemon), beniimo (purple sweet potato) as well as rearing the native black pig Agu. Known as the "phantom pig", Agu is an Okinawan breed of pig that is highly valued due to its rarity. Its beautiful marbling and umami (Japanese savory taste) of its fat sets it apart from other varieties of pork. Rich in vitamin B1 and amino acids - making it delicious with no distinct smell - it is also low in cholesterol compared to other varieties, so you can indulge in it while remaining guilt-free!


Shikuwasa is produced abundantly in Okinawa, which is known for its population's longevity. The fruit is full of vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin B1, citric acid, and a high level of natural nobiletin - a flavonoid present in citrus peels. Shikuwasa reaps many health benefits and it is effective in combating fatigue.
Increasingly introduced in the media as a health fruit, the shikuwasa is starting to gain worldwide recognition.



It's located at Tanjong Pagar Centre Level 1!


A platform for real Japan, a platform for real communication

JAPAN RAIL CAFE is a communication cafe dedicated to all Japan Lovers providing a one-stop service from retail, rail pass and free travel discussion and regular events.

Be it working nearby or just passing by, why not drop by JAPAN RAIL CAFE and enjoy their delicious  food? If you didn't know, they always have a special new menu every month! You will never be bored of their food!


*Valid with order of Agu Pork Don

*1 redemption per user.

*While stock last.



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Tanjong Pagar Centre

5 Wallich Street #01-20 Singapore 078883


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