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Do You Know? Summer in Japan

In early summer, most parts of Japan get visited by the rainy season - tsuyu (梅雨) due to collision of cold northerly and warm southerly air masses. The rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid July, while it affects the islands of Okinawa about one month earlier. Only Japan's northern most main island of Hokkaido gets barely affected by the rainy season. However some sights can be very attractive in rain, especially temples, gardens and hot springs! All you need is the right attitude and rain protection! Check out Koyasan, Hakone and Onsen to start your rainy adventures in Japan!

uogashi - 10 pieces of Chef Special Sushi, only at $16.80++

 Uogashi Sushi - 100AM Tanjong Pagar

santouka - Love to customize? Why not try customizing your meal?

 Santouka - Cuppage Terrace , The Central

imakatsu - Juicy Fried Chicken with Unlimited Cabbage and Rice~

 Imakatsu - Tanjong Pagar

tomisushi - Maguro Fair is BACK!! Only for a limited period!!

 Tomi Sushi - Novena , Millenia Walk , Katong V , Cuppage Terrace

queensmarket - Feeling Pain, Stiffness and Fatigue? Check out this Remedial Body Massage!!

 Queen's Market - Tanjong Pagar

threes - The one-stop Japanese Hair and Head Spa service in town!

 Threes - The Central

colors - People’s impression is decided by 70% colors from Hair. Try customizing your hair color now!

 Colors - River Valley

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